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Seeking female to play with 2 bi guys Looking Real Dating

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Seeking female to play with 2 bi guys

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Bored at work; looking for chat friends m4w Bored at work like me. He either has son or he is able to understand that I am a eSeking. Waiting to find new friends to go places and do things maybe more if we connect. Laid back and easy going white guy here.

Age: 45
Relationship Status: Never Married
Seeking: Look For Men
City: Anchorage, AK
Hair: Pink
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I wish it was easy to find a woman who wants a bi guy. Saw your profile. Members Only Total posts: It's very hard to find people who accept me here in the south. Hi beautiful.


Asian women wants love and relationship I saw in the blog that you wished your bf was bi. Have you ever asked him? I know I was afraid Seeking female to play with 2 bi guys let my wife know when I was young and I vehemently said no whenever she insinuated about the idea because I thought she was just testing me to be sure I wasn't.

Men don't want to lose there honey we think most women don't like it but some of us wish more did however my secret was when I was a little boy Seeking female to play with 2 bi guys was forced to suck my cousins cock to get him to keep my secret and if I had thought she wouldn't have thought less of me I would have shared my secret with her.

I consider myself straight too and I haven't done that since I was an 7 or 8 year old boy my cousin was 11I really don't want a man for myself. However, I use to fantasize about my wife getting fucked by other men and sometimes and she never knew this I occasionally didn't hate the idea of submission where I gave myself over to her to play with me as she pleases.

In these fantasies she would make me have sex with other men for her pleasure. It wasn't so much a bi for me thing but more woth a surrender to her fantasies. I have seen blogs of women who Seeking female to play with 2 bi guys they were afraid they might Seeklng there man to another man so they wouldn't want a bi guy but here's the thing. I am sure I am not the only "Straight man" meaning I love women out there who both would like double teaming his true love and also being forced by his true Hookup wife sex Syracuse New York women to have to submit to kinky sex where she makes him take it in the ass or even suck and swallow another man's load.

From what I have seen there are lots of us out there that don't and want stop loving our women and who don't want to lose her because we have that kinky secret.

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To some of us We are not really interested in men necessarily what we are interested femal is a sweet kinky beautiful women like you that want stop loving us as a man even if we are willing to experience our female side. I would have never let my wife know I knew what a cock in my mouth felt like unless Seeking female to play with 2 bi guys was really percent sure she wanted me that way and wouldn't stop loving me if I did.

I barely remember the feeling but it is also something you never forget. Point is I am straight i was Women seeking nsa Crofton Nebraska the first time as a child by two neighbors a man and his boy my age.

I don't remember any penetration for all I know he may have been making child porn. Anyway I kept my secret for a few days and after thinking about it and fearing they would do it again or something worse i decide to tell my older Seeking female to play with 2 bi guys so he could watch my back and help protect me he was 11 I sometimes stayed at his house in sleepovers.

Anyway he agreed he would watch out for me but that wasn't all.

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He looked at me and asked me if they made me suck there dick. I said no and he looked genuinely Seeking female to play with 2 bi guys until what came next I thought he was straight too. He said, "Well, I will tell you what. I want you to suck mine or at least try it and if you do I will make sure no one harms you but if you don't I am going to tell my mom and she will tell yours and they will all hate you Seeking female to play with 2 bi guys what you did.

I said no at first but he called for his mom. Guyx said no Swm seeking mixed dark Bethlehem but he hollered louder and she answered back and when she did I said okay, okay. I was sure he ugys just messing with me and would stop when the time actually come because Seeking female to play with 2 bi guys thought he was straight too and I guess he was because few people would ever believe what happened He turned out to be a very handsome guy that most women liked he dated some beautiful women later but femals doubt any of gyys new about our secret.

That night he pushed my little head down to his jockey shorts, I actually went along with it at first because I was sure he wasn't gay and wouldn't really gonna make me do fsmale. I didn't resist much until he pulled his jockey shorts down and I saw his uncut cock Married women who want sex in Gresham Oregon the first time.

When he pushed my head down I pushed away harder to resist until he called for his mom again and again she answered,"what is it" a little more agitated this time. I said, "Okay, okay, just don't tell her," and of course he replied, "then suck it for me. He was to young to cum so I basically had to suck him until he was sleepy.

I know it sounds horrible that a young boy would have to go through that. I gi thought it would happen to me either. I think fmale most boy's it probably is a plwy experience and I would never do that to a child.

However Sexy girl looking for middle Lincoln guy I had of been honest with my wife I would have said that at first it was awkward. I resisted because I thought I had to but after the first few unbelievable minutes of what was happening.

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After I realized I Chili-WI interracial sex little choice and could feel that strange spongy cock I was sucking on tp my mouth. I was glad he was making me do it. Honestly, the first few minutes I was forced but for the next hour I didn't fight.

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I Sexy Bromont milfs brunete sucked on that spongy thing the way I was told.

P,ay threatened to tell on me a couple of times after that to get me to do it again and I did. I could leave the story there like it Seeking female to play with 2 bi guys all him but to be honest after the first three times if I was staying at his house and we got bored and went to bed and couldn't sleep I offered to suck his cock for him.

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I didn't want to really do it for him I just wanted to have to be bad again to have to do something I never thought I would have to do. I would have told my wife no to like i would never do it but honestly.

I can't help but wonder especially since I have Lookin for 17078 cock forgot that spongy feeling what it would be like to have to experience a man in my mouth. I am femsle about feeling it swell ti in my mouth then continuing to suck on it while it spills its Seeking female to play with 2 bi guys in my mouth. I am not saying I will ever do it and I am not looking for a man myself.

However I am saying I am one of those guys no one would expect. Who has one of those secrets he is afraid to tell. If my wife had of pushed the issue enough maybe we would still be together.

I wasn't as straight and old fashioned as she thought. I would probably not be Petah tiqwa party sluts bisexual meaning I don't have love for men but I am sure I am a try sexual meaning I hope someday I am married to a women like you and I hope she insist on me sucking a cock until I overcome my initial inhibitions.

I hope that she will want to share me with other women I am sure that I would enjoy it. However, you like my first wife are probably sure Seeking female to play with 2 bi guys sex with your hubby is out and it might be. However, don't assume because he is macho I am that it is out of the question.

Seeking female to play with 2 bi guys I Search Hookers

Just occasionally let him know you like that sort of thing. Try to let him know you wouldn't think less of him if he tried it. He may Girls webcam Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil one that will never do it but that is what my wife thought too.

If she had been like you and got me to believe she liked that sort of thing I would probably know what sucking off another man b like by now and she would know how excited I got by the thought of another man fucking her.

I understand that most women may think that there husband wanting to see there wife with another man must mean he doesn't love her but that isn't true. I loved my wife but I would have loved it if she had been more sexual. I didn't want her loving any other man but I would have loved it if she wanted to fuck them. Anyway don't give up on your man if you want Seeking female to play with 2 bi guys to suck cock baby. Just keep at him, letting him know it turns you on and that guyw want think less of bj and someday he may do it just for you I hear you girl I'm looking for bi men too who are a couple or who wants to date a man and women at the same time How are u.

I like your profile. I looking for women who Seeking female to play with 2 bi guys like u. Women who want a relationship with 2 bi guys at once for a long tern loving relationship. I like to know u better. Swingers sex Tilton look fwd to hearing from u. I love men and women equally. I will always choose a bisexual man than a straight man.

I dont know why, but its good to know Im not the only one feeling the same. Lets chat please let me know.

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I90 and harlem here hey ollie are you looking for a man or 2. I am new Women looking good sex Traer Iowa too and wish so plaj for this kind of activity. I just wish Seeeking my wife would follow through with her interest Seeking female to play with 2 bi guys am new here too and wish so much for this kind of activity. Krisaj write: Wow, I'm just like you, brokeback.

Guess we're both swimming in the gutters. Of-course, you're looking for just one, and I'm looking for two, possibly long-term. It's nice to know I am not the only woman who loves watching men get it on. My ex used to love it and now I love watching two men.

I Am Look For Sex Date Seeking female to play with 2 bi guys

I would love a night out with two men. I am gemale Seeking female to play with 2 bi guys could get off. I'm not bi--at least, I'm not interested in women sexually, definitely only men.

But Fekale wouldn't rule out a bi aspect to it because of the fact that I have a fantasy of doing the entering Hot ladies seeking nsa Fortaleza a strap-on.

I always thought I was the only woman like me too, until just recently. It's always been my Big Secret. Hi there, BrokeBack Cheers, brokeback wrote: Any bi men out there seeking a serious relationship with understanding and flexibility? We are as hard to find as women like yourself are