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Most of my friends would say have a

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Beginner students, intermediate students and advanced students make this mistake often. So, the problem is, in phrases like this one: Can you figure out what it is?

It should be: How about with these phrases? A few of, some of, most of, all of and none of.

Some of my friends are from Italy. Most of my friends are from Italy.

Now, what about none of? None means zero.

With none of my friends, do we use is or are? Well, there is actually some debate about this question.

But all have friendsnot friend. Got it?

In English, we have countable nouns which are things we can count like friends, apples, houses, etc. Examples of uncountable nouns are information, stuff, butter, rice.

In English, we always say information, never say informations. Write a sentence: It could be their profession, what is their job.

So, one of my friends is a doctor, or one of my friends is a firefighter, or it could be something they are doing. One of my friends is studying biology in University. So, write one sentence using one of my friends and then write one more sentence using one of these like none of.

I look forward to seeing your sentences in the comments to this video, and if you want more practice, pf can take a course with me. I have lots of courses over at Espresso English. Uncountable nouns Now, this rule only applies when we have a countable noun here.

Bye for now.