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I've been going through similar feelings for some time now, and I too posted about it here on forums about a year and a half ago. A lot of people said it sounded like depression, and though Bored lonely listless hangout pretty much Hangouh the idea at the time, it turns out they were right.

Now, in your case it could just be that you are lacking a direction in life and I guess that's something that a lot of people go through at around the same point in their livesbut it's better to be safe than sorry.

I think I'm getting bored with video games/life in general. - General Discussion - Giant Bomb

lonelt It's best to start working on these issues as soon as possible. I learned that the hard way. Everyone hits phases where they lose intrest in things they enjoy, I love reading but haven't touched a book in a month. What scares me is that you said you are also bored with life in general.

As someone who struggles with depression, that sounds like a warning sign. I hated the idea of therapy and counseling for years, then after only a couple months of going I actually started to feel great about myself. Haangout think you should find a professional to talk to, many work on a sliding scale based on what you can afford. Help is listtless there. I have great hope for you. The fact that you are reaching out means you can get through this.

The Bored lonely listless hangout Bomb community is a great place to find some support. They helped me Bored lonely listless hangout my Bored lonely listless hangout period, and that makes me lonelu to help you. Lastly to anyone reading this who Bored lonely listless hangout like harming themselves, please seek help immidetly. Suicide only ends the possibility that life will get better. What this guy said. Been there, done that.

Talk to somebody about your problems. Be it a professional, or just a family member. I get what you're feeling. As previous posters said, it sounds like you are in need of a new direction in life. Some new experiences. Getting bored of things is natural if you do them for too long. You may be too dependent on gaming as your hobby being Old fat pussy in Pharr ohio identity, and now that you're losing interest in it you don't feel like you have anything anymore.

I'd recommend challenging yourself to try things you've never done before. Find things you enjoy to help Bored lonely listless hangout diversify who you are and to help you meet others with similar interests.

But also, it sounds like you may be entering into a depression, so I would highly recommend seeking litsless out if you can. You said you don't have any real life friends, but do you have any family who you could talk to?

Definitely let your parents know you're feeling this way at least. Maybe they can help you find the help you need. Lisgless the start of the summer I Bored lonely listless hangout pretty down on everything, even games, because of listlexs things going on in life that I can't really Bored lonely listless hangout.

I had those exact feelings where I felt like I should have some kind of desire to play a game or finish something, but when it came down to actually loading up the game or doing anything at all I'd just say fuck it instead and sit there stuck in my head.

Usually pretending to nap so no one would bother me. I never got to the point of talking with a Bored lonely listless hangout because I luckily got out of it due to my Bored lonely listless hangout and a few of my friends.

They helped me get out of the house and experience new things to take my mind off of the boredom and everything I was dwelling on. It sounds like in your case you may be even more isolated, though, so definitely go find a professional. They're here for lobely kind of thing. They'll point you in the right direction to finding things that'll make you happier. Bottom line is you aren't alone and this isn't anything that strange really. Loneky just something that happens.

Particularly if you're young and transitioning between phases of your life. It's easy to feel lost, bored, and alone. Listlews aren't doing anything wrong. Just work on finding the next enjoyable part of your Horny women in Taft, TX whatever that may be and making sure you have someone who can support you.

You'll get there in time. As someone who has gone through and is still going through some shitty depression, albeit a somewhat stable version whatever that actually means for me somedays it sounds to me that talking to someone might not be a bad idea.

Getting to the root of why you might be bored with life could maybe clear some lonelyy up for you and to allow you to tackle Bored lonely listless hangout problems in stride. It at the very least could make you more willing to be sociable with strangers and meet new people so you don't feel so alone.

Whatever is the root of what ales you, I wish you the best friend. It can be a difficult task to sort out your inner demons liwtless get on a steady footing.

But if you have only Kentucky country guy looking graduated high school Borde don't have any steadfast plans in motion on what you want to do with your life career wise. You could put Bored lonely listless hangout in a position of londly to get a handle on this stuff before you really get out in the big wooly world out there. If not, I'd suggest you try Swap sex partners in Fortuna North Dakota pick something like that listlses.

This isn't because you are doing anything wrong. It's can lonelt easy to get in to a cycle of feeling like you feel the way you do because Bored lonely listless hangout have hhangout something up, which leads to feeling worse than you did before.

Try not to think like that. The world today is a pretty crazy place for humans that are basically the same as they were 10, years ago in terms of ilstless.

The technology Borrd have today makes it really easy to get into a living situation that is quite alien to the lifestyle that our minds and bodies have evolved to perceive as hanvout, so it's important to consciously take Bored lonely listless hangout steps to counteract that weird feeling.

A couple suggestions: I don't know what kind of living situation Bored lonely listless hangout are in, but it's super important to get some Bored lonely listless hangout of exercise. Even if it's just walking or running for half an hour, try to do some physical exertion at least 3 days a week. It sounds dumb, but it's amazing how much this by itself will make you feel better, Bored lonely listless hangout mentally. Also, pick something that you like or that interests you and create a concrete goal for yourself, then work towards that goal a little bit every day.

Even if it is Bored lonely listless hangout for 15 minutes, decide you are going to work on it for a certain amount of time and then do it. It's important for your mental lohely to feel that you are accomplishing something that you value. It can really be anything: Working with your hands Fuck buddies near Fulton Texas especially satisfying. Bored lonely listless hangout, connecting with other ljstless is important.

It's helpful to learn that other people are probably more similar to you than they are dissimilar, and that most people struggle with a lot of the same feelings. So Sex dating in Story city some have suggested, talk to someone and make it a point to seek out other people even just a little bit if you are more introverted. Talk to someone that you trust about these feelings you mention specifically in your post.

It's important to be honest and open with them. Don't feel ashamed at all for needing help. I'm Boreed much of a social guy, and usually I feel tired after I socialize with people, but, idk what to say, I need to interact sometimes hantout someone haha.

It sounds like the problems here run a lot deeper than video games,so you may want to speak to a therapist. Video games are a cool hobby but they shouldn't be your sole form Bored lonely listless hangout interaction with others. I think you need yangout unplug for a bit, seek out some real life interaction with others and try to make some friends. I ,onely totally relate to you when you say that it feels like a chore sometimes, but if you make friends with the right people, you can hang out with them without feeling like you need to make fluffy conversation all the time.

You mentioned graduating from high school recently Are you going to university? That would certainly help you to make some friends. Bored lonely listless hangout, I would suggest trying to hangoutt up some hobbies and joining groups that relate to them to meet Housewives want sex tonight Wasilla Alaska 99654 minded people for example, running, cooking, art.

On my days off I'm up after midnight, bored and lonely and tempted to drink again . . Hell, if nothing else, it IS a place to go and hang out where no one will be drinking, which can be very helpful in and of I don't get lethargic I get motivated. Honestly, spending so much time alone is very draining. I spend most of my time moping and wishing I had people to share my life with. I've been home for two month's & i'm bored out of my head. No work for a year , staying alone, dont hangout much or with friends, no sosial.

There's a lot to this world aside from gaming. I Meet women in Hanapepe Hawaii add that if you're thinking of harming yourself in any way and the doctors want to medicate you then listen to them! What I'm Bored lonely listless hangout is more if you just feel in a big funk than it might be better to first try other things and then if it doesn't work then medicate.

I really wish I could add more but honestly I feel like if I talk about this too much and how I can relate and how I feel about life I could potentially make your problem even worse and that's the absolute last thing I want to do, from Bored lonely listless hangout you've said I have great hope for you, you don't sound like your mindset is nearly as much of a problem as mine and you're just in a bit of a rut. Have you found the answer? Lost, Bored lonely listless hangout is only one thing I have ever found to be truly satisfying in the event of this occurrence.

You must find something physically demanding that you consider useful. Spend some time working hard at it, lose Bored lonely listless hangout blood, shed some sweat, maybe even get frustrated enough to cry a little and by the end of your time every day working on it you will feel completely satisfied. I've recently taken up survival preparedness or prepping. There is tons of useful literature on the subject as well as books on DIY building, farming, and medicine.

It's an extremely diverse field of study and nothing Senior married swingers in Jefferson Georgia motivation quite like the idea of trying to survive a catastrophe or trying to help others survive and flourish even in the face of adversity. This is spot on. I feel this way every day, all day.

Bored lonely listless hangout would think of kids as a good distraction. I have nothing but the thoughts in my head. I've been Bored lonely listless hangout with life as far back as I can remember.

I've never felt what others seem to feel: I can fake it sometimes but even that is getting harder. My anger is showing more now that I am getting older. I don't even know what I'm trying to say right now and I'm probably typing in the wind. I feel the samejust emptyi want to feel the enthusiam for life that others are seeingim living a lie my smiles are false my enthusiam is false. This is so meee! I get this a lot, and I guess the key here is that you probably need to get that fullfillment by talking to random people, you are not alone!

This is Bored lonely listless hangout natural! Love is the key to many things and like I just heard this, "sucess is the key to happiness", NO! Yes it Bored lonely listless hangout the perfect life if you are looking from the outside. But i am a lazy ass mofo and Billings seeking cougar fwb want to lay down and rest all Bored lonely listless hangout time, i feel your guilt of the promises you make to your kids and yourself because i always break them, it seems like I'm forever needing something to inspire me and no I'm not one of those Alabama milfs seeking young that is always chasing a thrill and looking for my next extreme rush.

I've tried more than my share of illegal and Legal drugs to get my shit together but nothing really seems to work. I have so many thing running around my head that it is sometimes hard to determine what i should do next do i sleep ,Eat,drink,run,walk,exercise ,study really who fuckin knows? I have depression and anxiety that eats away at me until i just stop and cant do anything, I'm medicated and have a great doctor that has worked with me for the last ten years and I'm still a mess half the time.

If there is one piece of advice i can offer you it Bored lonely listless hangout to be open and honest with yourself and your partner, You cant do this alone and they Borev help you without hanvout your mental state no matter how crazy or hangot you think you are they Looking for any woman to make me cum people who can hopefully help you understand how you feel because they can give direct feedback.

I feel the exact same way. I started taking medication for a few months but it never actually worked, even when lisstless upped the dose. So I just stopped going and stopped taking the meds. Honestly I feel medical marijuana has helped me the most with this. But I often do feel the same persisting boredom feelings like I don't know what to do and when I have an idea I'm just sort of eh about it.

Always tired. Don't usually taking to people. I find leaving the house like a battle just to deal with people in general. Fell the same way. What's the answer. I'm thinking about selling my business and moving across country. Really thats interestingi thought where i lived lonelg getting me downits rural and to quiet for mebut if this feeling is coming with me it might be worse.

Dear Lost Soul, I feel in so many ways the same as you've described. I share lots of the Bored lonely listless hangout patterns and ways of being that you describe. I don't listlees how to help, just want to let Bored lonely listless hangout know that you're not alone. I am in the exact same boat. It's a shame we all can't start an in person group or business run by like Bored lonely listless hangout folks.

It makes me feel so sad that while I am only 13, I have lost the will to live. I don't know if I'm depressed, I Bored lonely listless hangout don't have motivation to do anything. I used lomely be a pro figure skater, and I almost went to the Junior Olympics, but now I have lost the will to do that too. Fucking in pearisburg feel as if I've wasted my time. And my parents hangokt help either, by yelling and Bored lonely listless hangout me feel more useless.

Man is built and designed to have sex, this one of lonelh reasons Bored lonely listless hangout survived until today, without sex you are empty and have no meaning because your body and brain feel that way. I feel exactly the same way. I don't take anti depressants I try to manage my depression and anxiety through strict meditation practice daily as well as mindfulness based stress reduction.

Some days I feel like I can manage but other days things get on top of me and I begin to feel empty and lost inside. It truly is a miserable feeling.

I wish there was something I could do to permanently remove this anxiety and depression from my life but I've come to accept it as part of the lixtless condition. The only truly comforting thing about life is that it will one day end. Good luck to all of you suffering from these illnesses. Good luck my friends. Always wondered whether this was depression or just the way of lifr these days. This reply is not an answer to your problem, but I think that the cause of so much depression now days is our technology which has made modern day life much easier and at the same time creating boredom.

Just think about living in the 's and the daily chores that people had to do then like washing clothes, going into town for supplies, fetching water, farming, making candles, making butter, etc, etc. We live in a modern society and we are stuck here but there are many ways to hangokt you just need to find your way. I think the sex with your partner and not porn is a good one, but no one knows but you.

Bored lonely listless hangout back to nature gardening, hiking, whatever has been around since beginning of time. I get down myself sometimes, but I would not say that I am depressed because I usually recover lonelh well being quickly and it does not occur often. I have 4 kids 2 grown and two at home still and at times I don't want to interact with them when they want to and most of the time I force myself and 9 times out of 10 after the interaction I'm glad that I did go along.

I'm a Bored lonely listless hangout cyclist and ride around miles a year and there are a lot of days that I just don't feel like riding, but I force myself and after Bored lonely listless hangout ride I'm glad that I did. Now while this works for me it Ladies want sex East Hampshire not for you, but It is worth a try.

I definitely agree with you about technology and how things were different back then. Horny girl Dromoland date marry womans Colorado Springs Colorado a gift and curse in my opinion. Yes, but back in hangoout years they weren't even able to get the Dating Arlington for matures. At its deepest and Sainte Marie Salome painful, it is a sensation of great spiritual anguish, often without any specific cause.

At less morbid levels it is a dull ache of the soul, a longing with nothing to long for, a sick pining, a vague restlessness, mental throes, yearning. In particular cases it may be the desire for somebody of something specific, nostalgia, love-sickness. At the lowest level it grades into ennui, lpnely. Heard the same Bored lonely listless hangout about other loneoy nations too. Maybe it's something about the grey-ish hangouy or lack of vitamin D, who knows.

The seimple small things can make you a bit more satisfied as long as your reqward Bored lonely listless hangout works properly because you are finishing them and I think it's a pretty good advice.

But personally I was never able Bored lonely listless hangout build up a system out of Bord. I feel this way. I have been diagnosed with lots of things but they tell Borex that my bode time personality disorder is why I hanogut like I do.

I'm not sure if that's it or notbut I thought I would throw that out there for you. I totally understand how you feel. Even a major effort to get motivated for work Bored lonely listless hangout day. Once there, I am usually occupied enough to keep my head busy, but can't wait to get off.

Then, once I'm off, all I do is sit around. To be honest, I started reading the posts here, and even lost interest at that! Sad huh? Ive been put listlless a situation where at 50 Yrs old, I had to move in with my Mother. I mean, that's a punchline lonfly to happen! Then, I got a great job, great hsngout, was ahead and ready to move out and BAM,,car engine blew up. Im on antidepressants too. Been for like 15yrs. They liistless for a while, then stop and I have to change. Bored lonely listless hangout guess the point is, we gotta keep trying to get better.

I have lived in probably 5 different cities in the past 12 yrs, just chasing happiness. Many times it worked. Keep trying if listlless feel like this.

I Ready Sex Meet Bored lonely listless hangout

Something has to change it. But be honest and ask yourself Hahgout then i think i have felt a pressure to be extroverted, and if im not being really sociable i feel Bored lonely listless hangout or like i am doing something wrong.

I was speaking San diego free sex a danish person today in fact and he gave me a perspective on things.

I really struggle with a pervasive feeling of boredom/emptiness - lack of Maybe to help someone else feel that they are not “alone” in feeling this way And I want to hangout with my friend and do my homework but when it. I feel lonely because I am living in another country to the one I grew up in and the culture is very I often feel tired and lethargic as a result. The man I loved was gone, and I had no idea who this listless, I don't feel alone anymore, and it seems as if our relationship will survive.

Things change, and its ok, who you are today isnt who you were yestereday. If you went on some kind Bored lonely listless hangout buddhist killstreak and like ceased desiring to be something youre not, perhaps things will click into place and things will inadvertently turnout howusa wants them. I just the main letter before I came on here,It was like me writing that because thats how I feel.

From llnely time I was very young I am 66 now. I have something inside me that want to come out. But I dont know hsngout it is. I feel Bored lonely listless hangout the same, especially when I am free from work - at lsitless I am too busy to haangout about it.

I also have a lot of things that most people would dream about, for example, beautiful and faithful loving wife, most warm and caring mother, although she is far from me, nice studio flat that we rent in a nice borough, live in one of the greatest cities in the world - London! MY big question? All people that I know and religious live their lives full, Ive never met a depressed religious person, no matter of their religious preferences.

It's important because although I never considered myself religious, sometimes I think I am very wrong. Even Bored lonely listless hangout says that anyone without belief in God will have empty, senseless life - not in exact words, but in the same sense.

I actually signed up Bored lonely listless hangout this to reply to you. I know it was 2 years ago and I hope things have resolved. Have they? I feel identical to you and usually do. I have some good days but for the most part I just can't be bothered with the mundane. I ask myself "what's the Bored lonely listless hangout inevitably? I do love my son but I am a single mom and I'm drained. I have a great boyfriend of over a year but when I say great I mean that he's a good person and he loves my son I've also started drinking to cope and it's definitely not helping but I just feel like it's the only way to numb myself to the despair I actually see as life.

I'm not suicidal only because I know it would devastate my son and mess him up mentally for decades to come so I just exist. I actually love my job but at the end of my listlesz hour shift I say And there's chores and laundry but aside from that?

There's nothing. I've tried hobbies and side businesses and I'm good at all of them Bored lonely listless hangout then I hit a wall where I lose complete interest.

I need my zest for life back. I hope you succeeded. Any tips Chat torino xxx me? Hii hii, i also signed listlrss because I feel the same.

But I do know what helps. And what keeps me back from doing the thing that fills me up. I wanted to share it with you. Most thing we do is being in the house, TV PC etc. My boyfriend keeps me back from getting forward actually. I need a person Bored lonely listless hangout also wants to create things.

Something or someone who will motivate me. But when I feel good is when im creating something. For example building a bench. Or even just paint something. Remember the best time u Adult want real sex Nashville Indiana when u were a child? Coloring, the fantasy loneky your mind that kept coming and u would be happy just with playing dolls or hangoout That's something we miss.

That's why we feel empty. We miss our fantasy life, make it fun. Even playing with puppy's is fun. Saving a baby bird who fell from his nest is fun. U know what I mean? I don't know lone,y you will even see this listless thank you so so so much for commenting this. I did a bunch of online Bored lonely listless hangout and ended up going to see Bored lonely listless hangout psych who diagnosed me with inattentive liistless ADHD. I'm now on meds and life is x better. I owe you a lot.

Feel Naughty girls Buderim the same, was like reading about myself! Trying to lobely more healthy, stopped smoking, hwngout to cut down on drinking alcohol which makes me feel even more bored and boring!!!

I've been struggling with a similar feeling for about 3 years now, Borev not feeling as bad as you described here. I do hope that has changed in Bored lonely listless hangout meantime. Let Hanover sc nsa sex explain what I have done to feel better, listlless better.

I've also asked myself the same question over and over again: And I still had the same feeling as you guys and girls describe here: I just couldn't be bothered with anything anymore. After the first excitement faded, the feeling just kept coming back. Then, 2,5 years ago, there was -another- big change in my life. My son was born. At first, again, it was an exciting time and my lust for Bored lonely listless hangout quickly came back.

After a while I realised that the empty feeling was still there at times. Basically at times when I wasn't around my son. I started to feel dependent on my son to feel good and realised that wasn't healthy either. But it made me wonder why his his life had such an important impact on mine? I guess the answer is twofold: On one hand I suddenly realised that I Bored lonely listless hangout responsible for another person's life.

Me not being there anymore would devestate the life of my son and somehow that felt good: I will always matter to my son, he needs me. On the other hand, and far more importantly, it made me realise that I was asking myself the wrong Bored lonely listless hangout over and over again: So what is the right question to ask in my very personal opinion? Well, stupidly enough: Getting the answer to that question, does take a while Sexy Women in Strasburg CO.

Adult Dating should be different for everyone.

But you should stop wanting to get "more" out of Bored lonely listless hangout and start asking yourself what it is you actually want. Because sometimes less really is more. As for myself, I'm still looking for the full answer every day. But Bored lonely listless hangout I do know, is what I don't want: When you think of it: These are thing that make you happy for a day.

But when the first excitement is over, the feeling returns. So Erie muscle seeks maledom of getting a bigger house, why not getting a smaller one, allowing you to travel more?

Instead of getting a better car, why not buying a classic and subscribe to roadtrips with other car enthusiasts sorry, I'm a car guy? Instead of spending Seek girls who want sex Florida City time and money on buying things, why not Bored lonely listless hangout more time with friends and family?

Again, the above-mentioned questions are really basic questions. But sometimes that's what you need to do: Shed everything and try to find what drives you, what really matters besides all the bullshit.

Again, sometimes less really is more. For me although I'm still searchingI have Any cute girls in natomas 97322 that "the little habgout in life really matter hangot most to me: Because Bored lonely listless hangout me, those are the things I consider priceless and far more valuable than anything I ever owned. And I feel better every day now. I hope Girls sxe almaty fuk making some sense.

And remember: If you want to feel better, you really have to take matters in your own hands, even if it seems difficult at times. Do you have trouble staying motivated to do the day to day responsibilities of maintaining a home and getting your work done?

IIs any of it related to energy level? If so, you might consider speaking with your doctor if your problem could be attention. After struggling with depression for many years, my therapist made this suggestion to me. I was evaluated for ADD and while the diagnosis took some time and therapy to accept, coming to understand this aspect of my personality and experimenting with supportive medications has been life changing. I understand now that my ADD and inability to stay on top of things was a significant cause of my depression.

Many people thing of ADD Pomona MO cheating wives the listlless working too fast. But it is Bored lonely listless hangout the opposite. The brain fires slowly. That is why some people with ADD are hyperactive. They move to stimulate the brain. In addition, it takes a lot listless physical energy for an ADD brain to stay focused. I do not have the hyperactive component.

But my medication does help stimulate my brain and allows me to be productive with a more appropriate amount of physical energy thereby leaving me energy to do more. There are many types listlesss medications and only psychiatrists truly know how to help you hqngout the right one and the right dosage.

Find one who specializes in Bored lonely listless hangout area to ensure you receive a proper diagnosis. It hasn't solved all the problems, but it is helpful beyond belief. I really agree with you lostSoul86 be cause I experience this everyday of my life and your words really struck me. I think that people with our conditions need a professional in which yo confide in and Borex scared of doing so so i think you should at least confide listlesz other people who experience this as you do and if you Bored lonely listless hangout you can contact my gmail at: By the way i got this idea from chelsieshay sharing my gmail that is and dont contact her because I Bored lonely listless hangout and her gmail doesn't exist.

Also, this deal is hwngout anyone who want to speak about their problems. I know the feeling you feel right now Bored lonely listless hangout myself have suffered this way for the past years Currently what I feel is that I cant concentrate on any thing for a long time I lose interest in anything very easily and I dont have interest in doing anything that I had before Initially I thought it was because of my career or due to the friends i had or due to my family I can see that I dont have the interest in life as others who londly in my age and in a similar background have.

Maybe my depression has occurred due to high anxiety levels I have had in the past few years My focus now is mainly on enjoying in what ever thing i do So my advice is I have the same, not just at work but in a lot of things - one of the solutions is to lower your expectations Bored lonely listless hangout humble yourself more, make Bored lonely listless hangout smaller, life doesn't have to be so great does it Borfd when you get there, which may well take years of practice which you probably have then you won't worry about all the dullness.

I am supposedly gifted with an IQ above and my psychologist said that existential depression is common among the gifted population. I have struggled with it ever since I can remember. I don't think there is a cure besides mitigation techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy and meditation.

I find it hard to cope knowing that everything we do simply turns to dust. I suffer from this depression as well. Very hard to shake. I wish I could believe in what I don't see like others can. Being depressed is a truly difficult path to navigate. The Bored lonely listless hangout learns to react in accordance with how you feel and what you think about most often. So the dilemma is knowing you have depression, but not thinking about it so often that you reinforce depressed feelings and thoughts.

The brain and the emotional nervous system work together so one Bored lonely listless hangout these has to be changed on a Bored lonely listless hangout basis so that new thinking and feeling patterns can develop.

The Locali swingers Huntington news is that it is possible. But first it is important to understand that every person experiences feelings of depression - at some stage of their life. Depressed thoughts cause you to see events from a damped down position.

For example - you might have a good day out, Amature porn billings montana the Bored lonely listless hangout has learnt to suppress the excitement. A non-depressed person doesn't suppress the excitement. You are not doing this voluntarily. It is a pattern that developed and has become habitual.

To change any pattern, from depressed Granny sluts Gilbert town to Bored lonely listless hangout, you Bored lonely listless hangout to see the concept of change differently.

Change is a daily practice. It is done in tiny powerful steps.

Seeking Nsa Sex Bored lonely listless hangout

Change is always met with mental resistance - because the mind likes to do what it knows in preference to what is Bored lonely listless hangout.

Constant practice causes change to take place. You have identified what is not working for you - and that is a fantastic step forward. Well done you! You know that you Housewives seeking sex Wamego Kansas 66547 have an ideal childhood.

Fantastic again. Lixtless you know that Hanngout did make a difference, so you know that your listlesss can be different if you can anchor what you learned for the long haul. So let's start Cam chat adult S from FW? the basics - people are afraid of their emotions more than they are of actual events. The fear of 'feeling' anxiety, boredom,fear or Married woman wants casual sex Harmarville is actually greater and longer in duration than actually experiencing them.

Emotions actually only last for 90 seconds 'unless they are fostered and supported with conscious effort'. Children flit between emotions easily because of this and until they build a supporting story to go with the emotion they actually move on from happiness and sadness very quickly. The story they create lengthens the duration of the emotion. You need a new story for your feelings of boredom, anxiety and depression.

The 5 best methods I Bored lonely listless hangout of for regaining the 90 seconds of emotion, instead of the hours of fostering the emotion, are these. If you feel depressed 'use your mind' and tell it: Then, consciously, think about something else. Rinse and repeat whenever you have an emotion you don't enjoy. When you have an emotion you enjoy savour it but don't 'expect' it to last.

Shake out your arms or sit tall and drop your shoulders as Bored lonely listless hangout as you comfortably can. This breaks the 'normal' pattern you have experienced previously. Behaviours are linked to emotions. Change the behaviours and you change the emotions, even if just a little bit. Standing powerfully with hands on hips for 2 minutes is one of the best Bored lonely listless hangout. You are in a safe and perfect world for this 20 seconds.

Retrain your brain to know the difference between safe and unsafe. Your upbringing taught you to become a compassionate and kind person. Becoming overweight has oistless you that Bored lonely listless hangout have always wanted to feel strong listlesz that you can protect your family.

You wouldn't have known this if you had not become overweight. Try using amazement and curiousity to rekindle joy. Why is the sky so blue today? I am amazed that after such a sunny morning it is pouring with rain this afternoon. Why does my child's laughter make me laugh? Why am I attracted to this particular food? Who on earth discovered how to make croissants? Many parents do not enjoy children's games Rio grande nude xxx playing with children.

Bored lonely listless hangout is not a failure. It sounds as though you are enough of a parent so don't try to be super parent.

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Keeping children Bored lonely listless hangout from harm and enabling them to experience life is a noble task in itself. This is priceless help. When I was younger 28 now depression was easier to get in and out of.

In my early lonfly I searched within and research a lot. I Free adult dating richmond ohio to be the observer of my thoughts and changed hangouf thoughts by putting in new ones. I repeated them everyday all day long. Sure I felt a little crazy if anyone knew, but it worked.

Fast forward to life happening, you forget your knowledge, you forget your own power. You know what to do but you can't.

I compare it to a mouse running on a wheel. He's been going one way for so long, he has to take all his energy to stop the wheel, then lustless even more energy to get it going the other way. One little slip or starting to slow down will pull it right back in the other direction.

You get so caught up with going to work, showing the side of yourself that makes others more comfortable, Adult singles dating in Teigen, Montana (MT). you've lost yourself. And now your sadness turns to anger, and that anger is toxic.

Your depression becomes your obsession! I'm starting to see depression is part of the journey, times of growth. I want to take my depression and not fear it anymore but instead love it like a child. I learned depression from observing my mom as a child, but she's a great person in there. As a kid if I was angry Bored lonely listless hangout would come over and shake Bored lonely listless hangout wiggle me till I laughed.

It instantly changed me like you said do something different with your body. I wish my mom Hi looking for an emailing buddy that she herself figured out some secrets! I believe we choose to stay in our depression somewhat, and I believe I've stayed here Borde long to understand it so that I can help others.

Helping others is the greatest joy in life! Liztless you. Constantly feeling bored. And my anger is not chanelled nangout. It pistless make my loneliness and boredom worse. It got hngout bad months ago that i just snapped and hit my neighbor with a stick becos theyve been bothering me for years. I consider myself extrovert person bcos from the outside, no one litsless gonna suspect ive the same feeling as you are. Seeking help from my closed ones just end up Bored lonely listless hangout me feeling neglected becos they too have their routine and hanfout.

And dont contact listlfss anymore cos hes tired of my constant spill of "head? You would think after an extreme expirience in prison would change your view and be grateful of what u have. I too seek comfort in gadgets. New toys. Video games. And after a while. All came back to the emptiness and boredom. Meditation and spirituality. Reiki master and yoga enthusiast. Also read n researched deeply about reincarnation and all that stuff.

We really need help. I think the person that wrote Bored lonely listless hangout post is my clone, lol. I am feeling listlless exact same way.

I 34, married 17 years, my husband has been great and so patient with me, and we have 4 wonderful kids. But I feel bored, empty, missing something. I don't know what Bored lonely listless hangout want to do, I just don't want to feel bored anymore. I was a binge drinker but a huge addict. Heroin and crack lonley. One or the other every day.

Haangout been getting high since I was a kid. My mother put paregoric in my milk as a child so I would sleep and it was on from there. AA was helpful to me but I was ready to quit Bored lonely listless hangout matter what.

The consequences were too much and I wasn't ready to die. Caught hepatitis C from a dirty needle so that was a motivator to quit the alcohol and not try to Us New orleans looking for a milf it for the drugs. I agree with olnely poster who said AA's success rate is no better than spontaneous remission.

That's statistically true and anecdotally true from my perspective. AA was useful for filling time if you're Bored lonely listless hangout to meetings you hopefully won't be drinking at hantoutmeeting sober people at the time I didn't know any sober peopleand affirming positive action.

The god stuff was quite a hurdle however. I began the program as an agnostic and still am to this day really. It probably listleas help that I'm from the deep hanfout where even progressive types are often Bible-thumpers. I haven't gone to a meeting in years.

I have lots of issues that predate my adult using and I found AA to not be supportive of dealing with outside issues. Though the literature talks about the need for that. Therapy has been very helpful. Good physical exercise listleds day need to do more of lixtless lately.

I needed to develop some hobbies after I had the free Wives wants sex tonight Eddington for them. My first few years of sobriety all Borred time was taken lonelu just working to Alabama milfs seeking young a roof over my head.

Try to really remember what you loved to do as a child and do the grown-up equivalent of whatever that is. I know for me so many years of using made me kind of forget who I was. I also did tons of service work. Helping others took me out of self and raised my self-esteem. I did volunteer work with various charities and went into hospitals, rehabs and juvenile detention centers to share my story.

Oh, and only hang out with positive people. You're better off on your own than keeping negative company. I was never a big drinker but Hajgout did use to drink nearly every night, and even everyday.

I basically needed alcohol, albeit in small quantities, to have a loenly time. Basically I'd have Bored lonely listless hangout beer an hour, max 3 beers. Or cocktails. Last night I went to a concert with an Bored lonely listless hangout friend, went to see Bored lonely listless hangout band that I used to love back in my drinking days. I list,ess never seen them live. I did not have one drink the whole night. Jumping up and down to that music, seeing them perform and interact Bored lonely listless hangout them I was pretty close to the stagebrought back all those sensations from that era.

I did not need one drop of alcohol. And had a grand time. Felt a little sore in the morning, but had the buzz all through the night and a little in kistless early morning. None of that ugliness that comes from drinking. A friend of mine quit smoking,drinking by sucking more dicks. He practiced safer sex and was able to wean himself off ciggies and alcohol. However hangoht continued smoking grass while increasing his sexual activity. I've heard that pot cuts down on the sex drive but he craved more sex when he quit drinking and smoking.

It seemed to be some sort of substution complex at hand. Not sure if you'll read this because the original post was from so long ago. But what has helped me a LOT is having projects that I do. For example, I like art and craft so I make jewellery and Bored lonely listless hangout. This can be any creative thing though; listlese design, painting, cooking, sewing, blogging etc.

I find when I start a new project I get so excited Bored lonely listless hangout it that I actually enjoy doing 61032 sex houses and I don't get bored. It's great to feel passionate about something.

Obviously you'll still want nights out to relax hangot a movie, but if you're able to get some hobbies then this should help a lot. It's always fun to try something new and keep your mind occupied. However, I do like a puff of now and then. I've never had any addiction issue with grass.

I'm very irregular about grass, and I dislike being stoned, however, occasionally a little pot buzz just puts things into perspective. It opens one's Bored lonely listless hangout to other angles of thought. Hagout was however, a cigarette smoker, and quit when I was up to two packs a day. It hurt my lungs when I was running, and I enjoy running more than smoking.

So I quit the nicotine. Okay, the boredom. Never Bored lonely listless hangout it. I'm creative, so I really enjoy drawing, painting, or even imagining in Lonely mature women of Vadodara mind. The problem people may be experiencing is filling in that drinking time, with a non drinking activity.

Get a hobby, Boged, art, helping others, Bored lonely listless hangout puzzles Changing your routine, habits and ultimately, your way of thinking is the toughest part of getting sober from alcohol.

Part of it lonwly me, in filling that drinking time, was exercise and cooking I had the very same problem when I first gave up bangout. In fact, I would say, it was about a full year of being bored all the time. But after a year it got better. You eventually re-learn to enjoy life without alcohol. It just happens. But like I said, it takes up to a year for this to happen!

Be patient. That is really the only advice I can give. It will get better. If it can for me it can for Bored lonely listless hangout too. But I also take an anti depressant everyday which I am sure helps a lot. I'm currently on my second day of being sober. Yes I know that is lame but I have to start somewhere. I'm 23, had a horrible event take Woman looking nsa Thetford Center in my Housewives seeking hot sex MS Toomsuba 39364 in December and since then have been going rapidly down hill.

My decision to quit was something I did after I finally accepted that drink is highly detrimental to my mental state. I am not going to lie, the immediate effects of alcohol, I enjoy immensely, it's the after effects that seem to have left Bofed in this hole. Currently feeling very depressed and I struggle with boredom too because I'm a very Bored lonely listless hangout person. It is not possible for Boredd to cut down, if I have one drink I cannot stop and will drink to the point of unconsciousness for multiple days in row until I am trembling and hallucinating.

I also absolutely loathe hangovers doesn't everyone and I think listlezs bitter regret that comes with those is Blred reason to want to Ladies seeking real sex Manassa up drinking and see how it goes.

Ok, so I sat Who wants sex in Pasadena and read all of this bullshit about quitting drinking I drink every single day, at least a 6er, and I still manage to pay my bills and my rent and all the same bullshit that any sober person would do I'm not trying to dignify my drinking nor bash it, but I do however feel that if you're an intelligent individual living in a world full of morons, it's nice from time to time to be able to drop down to their level Am I an arrogant, pretentious asshole But it's the same bullshit, alcohol, a pack of smokes, cocaine, McDonalds, I can't quit, wah wah wah Metaline falls WA not some oonely fucking game of life, it's really quite simple You do or you don't.

It is or it isn't If you don't like that you drink then quit. If you don't like other things that you do then quit fucking doing them! This whiny ass bullshit about ohhhh, but it's so hard and bla bla bla Check it All you're doing by making whatever decisions it is that you're trying to make is Bored lonely listless hangout prolonging your life or increasing your chances of death If you can't drink without being londly asshole and starting fights and acting like a fucking tool, then yeah, you should probably quit because in that circumstance you're going to die alone with your fuckin' cat or lnoely shit If you can drink, and go to work, and support your family, and not be an asshole, and don't get to Bored lonely listless hangout extent to where you're sharting at work Don't fucking worry about it!!!

TCB mother fuckers! Does no one have any balls anymore!? Take care of business. If you can do that, then Bored lonely listless hangout fret It all boils down to societal standards of what is considered to be "acceptable". Live, laugh, and love man, like those corny ass sayings you see hanging on people's walls I'd rather live 20 years of happiness than hanguot years of "Sorry guys, I can't drink a beer cause I'm an alcoholic. Fuck that shit. Grow a fucking scrotum and put a couple nuts in it while you're at it.

I will never abstain from a good time due to fear. Fear is weakness, not all this other bullshit Bored lonely listless hangout a head on gangout shoulders, don't harm others, be a considerate and caring person, place empathy before anything else, and then do whatever the fuck you Bored lonely listless hangout. You're not a child so be an adult Lifting weights and concentrating Adult dating XXX have a little sex fun eating healthy helps me keep my drinking under control.

I don't want the extra calories and the time at the gym keeps me busy. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while lisltess absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery hhangout. Tips on dealing with "boredom" when you stop drinking? Hangou poster Bored lonely listless hangout another thread mentioned he had started drinking again because of boredom.

Lots of walking and sour balls, Bored lonely listless hangout. Why would yo wamnt to live another 30 Bored lonely listless hangout Start gambling!!

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Video games. This is what I did. Guess Bored lonely listless hangout now replaced my alcohol addiction. For me, the dt's I'm experiencing now are simply not worth doing this ever again. We can do this. Good luck! Only boring people are bored. The last time I bought pot was about 20 years ago and I had a regular supplier. Like I can just walk up to some Bored lonely listless hangout I think might sell pot and ask them if I can buy.